Ligularia 'King Kong' PPAF

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Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.
 Common Name: Ligularia-Bigleaf

This part-shade loving perennial has the same dark foliage that gardeners have long admired in ‘Britt-Marie Crawford’, but with leaves nearly twice as big at 16” across. The newest leaves are glossy and black-purple—as the summer progresses the leaves mellow to burgundy purple with a semi-glossy finish. Leaves are thick and leathery, with an undulating leaf edge. This vigorous plant comes in slightly taller than ‘Britt-Marie Crawford’ due to its larger leaves, topping around 3-3.5 feet in our trials. Golden orange, daisy-like flowers top the plant on purple stems in midsummer, extending the height of the plant to 4 feet. Like most slow-growing Ligularia, this plant will take a few growing seasons to reach its mature height. Leaves are greener in full shade—plant in a site with morning sun for best purple color.

Intro Year: 2016

Breeder: Walters Gardens

Introducer: Walters Gardens, Inc.

Origin: Not Native to North America


  3-4 Feet
  3-3.5 Feet
Flower Color:
  Gold/Orange Shades
Foliage Color:
  Near-black shades
  Purple shades
Hardiness Zone:
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Sun or Shade?:
  Part shade (4-6 hrs. direct sun)
Wet or dry?:
  Consistent water needs
Want to see wings?:
  Attracts butterflies
Need critter resistant plants?:
  Deer resistant
How fast should it grow?:
When should it bloom?:
  Late summer
How's your soil?:
  Average Soil
  Fertile Soil
Sweet or Sour Soil?:
  Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0)
What's your garden style?:
  Rain Garden


Border plants
Cut flower or foliage
Specimen or focal point
Grown for attractive foliage

Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Ligularias are at their best when grown in cool, moist locations in part shade. Protection from the hot, afternoon sun in the south is essential to prevent wilting. They are a natural for the pond side where there is a constant supply of moisture, though they do require good drainage.


Common/Botanical Name
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While every effort has been made to describe this plant accurately, please keep in mind that the height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates throughout the country. The description of this plant was written based on our experience growing it in Michigan (USDA hardiness zone 5) and on numerous outside resources.