Veronica gentianoides 'Ramona'

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Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.
 Common Name: Speedwell-Gentian

This award winning speedwell forms a dense, low clump of glossy, green leaves that looks right at home near the front of the border, in rock gardens, and in containers. 

In late spring, ice blue flowers with deeper blue veins are produced in loose terminal spikes.  Deadheading spent blossoms may extend the bloom time. 

Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2008.  This plant may also be sold under the name 'Blue Streak' in the industry.

Origin: Not Native to North America


  12-15 Inches
  12-15 Inches
Flower Color:
  Blue shades
Foliage Color:
  Green shades
Hardiness Zone:
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Sun or Shade?:
  Full sun (> 6 hrs. direct sun)
Wet or dry?:
  Consistent water needs
Want to see wings?:
  Attracts butterflies
  Attracts hummingbirds
Need critter resistant plants?:
  Deer resistant
How fast should it grow?:
When should it bloom?:
  Late spring
  Early summer
How's your soil?:
  Average Soil
  Fertile Soil
Sweet or Sour Soil?:
  Acidic Soil (pH < 7.0)
  Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0)
  Alkaline Soil (pH > 7.0)
What's your garden style?:


Border plants
Cut flower or foliage
Easy to grow


  Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit 2008

Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips:

This plant grows best in full sun and moist but well-drained soil.  It does poorly if the soil is allowed to dry out.  Deadheading may prolong the bloom time.  Divide in spring if necessary.


Common/Botanical Name
Achillea 'Pretty Belinda'
Common Name: Yarrow
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Leucanthemum superbum 'Amelia'
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Coreopsis lanceolata 'Sterntaler'
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Platycodon grandiflorus 'Sentimental Blue'
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Oenothera missouriensis
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While every effort has been made to describe this plant accurately, please keep in mind that the height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates throughout the country. The description of this plant was written based on our experience growing it in Michigan (USDA hardiness zone 5) and on numerous outside resources.