Lamiastrum galeobdolon 'Herman's Pride'

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Photo Courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc.
 Common Name: Archangel-Yellow
Common Name (Alternative): Deadnettle

Like a larger version of Lamium 'White Nancy', Yellow Archangel is a hardy groundcover for partial to full shade. It is able to withstand dry conditions very well, and therefore can be grown under trees or in other difficult sites.

Lamiastrum will first form a neat mound of foliage, and will then proceed to spread to fill in the surrounding area. Bright yellow flowers are produced briefly in late spring. This variety was previously known as Lamium galeobdolon.


  8-12 Inches
  12-18 Inches
Flower Color:
  Yellow Shades
Foliage Color:
Hardiness Zone:
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Sun or Shade?:
  Part shade (4-6 hrs. direct sun)
  Full shade (< 4 hrs. direct sun)
Wet or dry?:
  Low water needs
  Average water needs
Need critter resistant plants?:
  Deer resistant
  Rabbit resistant
How fast should it grow?:
When should it bloom?:
  Late spring
How's your soil?:
  Average Soil
  Fertile Soil
Sweet or Sour Soil?:
  Acidic Soil (pH < 7.0)
  Neutral Soil (pH = 7.0)
  Alkaline Soil (pH > 7.0)
What's your garden style?:


Border plants
Drought Tolerant
Ground cover
Easy to grow

Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips:

Lamiastrum will brighten up any shady site with its silvery leaves, including under trees. Growth will be most compact in moist, well-drained soils, but it can grow in drier areas, though it may tend to open up.

Lamiastrum is evergreen in mild regions and herbaceous in cooler zones. In both areas, it will benefit by a shearing in the spring to stimulate healthy, new growth. Clumps can easily be divided in spring or early fall.


Common/Botanical Name
Athyrium 'Branford Beauty'
Common Name: Fern-Branford Beauty
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Common Name: Bugleweed
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Epimedium perralchicum 'Frohnleiten'
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Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola'
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Common Name: Hosta
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While every effort has been made to describe this plant accurately, please keep in mind that the height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates throughout the country. The description of this plant was written based on our experience growing it in Michigan (USDA hardiness zone 5) and on numerous outside resources.