Recommended Books


The Art of Garden Photography

Author: Ian Adams

Publisher: Timber Press, Inc. ©2005

ISBN: 0-88192-680-9

200 pages, full color.

An excellent guide for garden photography. Adams describes and instructs through a variety of settings.

Armitage's Garden Perennials

Author: Dr. Allan M. Armitage

Publisher: Timber Press ©2000

ISBN: 0-88192-435-0

323 pages, full color.

This color encyclopedia is a wonderful comprehensive single-volume photographic resource on perennial plants. Based on his own extensive experience - he has gardened in climates as dissimilar as Quebec and Georgia and studied plants on three continents- Armitage makes a discerning selection of the best cultivars, from classics to cutting-edge recent introductions. The text is concise and delightful, like a private tutorial with a master teacher.

Armitage's Native Plants for North American Gardens

Author: Dr. Allan M. Armitage

Publisher: Timber Press ©2006

ISBN: 0-88192-760-0

451 pages, full color.

This comprehensive color encyclopedia of native perennials includes concise, to-the-point information on hundreds of species and their cultivars. Each entry includes a general description of the plant plus essential data you need to grow it successfully.

Herbaceous Perennials Plants, Third Edition

Author: Dr. Allan M. Armitage

Publisher: Stipes Publishing ©2008

ISBN: 978-1-58874-775-4 (paperback)

1110 pages, black and white with color inserts.

Completely updated third edition!  Considered to be one of the most definitive and conclusive books written about perennials, from one of the masters himself, Dr. Allan Armitage. This is a reference guide to the identification and culture of over 3,500 herbaceous perennial plant species, varieties, and cultivars. As always, Dr. Armitage includes his wry commentary on many of the plant entries.

Choosing Plant Combinations

Author: Better Homes and Gardens

Editor: Cathy Barash

Publisher: Meredith Books ©1999

ISBN: 0696210142

264 pages, full color.

Filled with gorgeous pictures of plant combinations, each labeled by common name. Combinations are categorized by color and form--including single color, bold color, subtle color, similar form, subtle form, and bold form. Alternative plants that give the same look in different hardiness zones are suggested, making the combinations adaptable to all regions of the US. You won't be able to tear yourself away from this eye candy!

Perennial Combinations

Stunning Combinations That Make Your Garden Look Fantastic Right From the Start

Author: C. Colston Burrell

Publisher: Rodale Press ©1999

ISBN: 0-87596-806-6

352 pages, full color.

Review from Tracy DiSabato-Aust, author of The Well-Tended Perennial Garden: "Talk about a great combination! Cole Burrell's brilliant design talent blends with his extensive experience as a gardener and a plantsman to make this book both visually dynamic and enormously informative. Not only are there numerous ideas for inspiring design combinations, but practical tips on soil, light, and maintenance requirements for the plants abound. This book should help every gardener-from the beginner to the professional-design gardens that look as good in the landscape as they do on paper."

Natural Gardens

Author: Laura Coit

Photographer: John M. Rickard

Publisher: Creative Publishing International, Inc. ©2001

Series: Black and Decker Outdoor Home Series

ISBN: 086573464X

128 pages, full color.

From the Publisher: The art of natural gardening is beautifully illustrated in this full-color, activity-filled book. It demonstrates to readers exactly how to create natural looking, easy-care landscapes in their own backyards. Clear, colorful pictures and easy-to-understand text reveal every planning, installation, and planting tip used by experts to create stunning natural gardens. Whether you live near the seashore, in the Midwest plains, in the woodlands, or in the desert, Natural Gardens delivers inspiration and practical knowledge about your region.

The Perennial Gardener's Design Primer

Authors: Stephanie Cohen and Nancy J. Ondra

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company, Inc. ©2005

ISBN: 1580175430

288 pages, full color. 

From the Publisher: In this book, authors Stephanie Cohen and Nancy Ondra, two top garden writers and teachers, offer fun, organized, and attainable advice on how to create gorgeous gardens with perennials. They walk the gardener step-by-step through the process of creating new gardens, as well as of bringing new life to gardens that have lost their luster. The authors explain how to pick perennials that suit your site and how to create eye-catching plant combinations. They also offer down-to-earth garden solutions for 20 specific types of gardens.

Legends in the Garden: Who in the World is Nellie Stevens?

Authors: Linda L. Copeland and Dr. Allan M. Armitage

Publisher: Wings Publishers, LLC ©2002

ISBN: 1930897081

208 pages, black and white with color insert.

From the Publisher: If you've ever wondered about the people and places immortalized in plant names, this enlightening and entertaining book will provide some answers. Legends in the Garden introduces 46 people and places--some familiar, others unknown--associated with popular garden plants. This delightful book combines accounts of the lives of these intriguing characters with descriptions of the plants that bear their names and the stories of their chance discoveries or deliberate breeding.

Perennial All Stars

Author: Jeff Cox

Publisher: Rodale ©1998

ISBN: 0-87596-780-9

344 pages, full color.

This informative encyclopedia details 150 of the author's favorite perennials for great-looking, trouble-free gardens. Each plant record includes a summary, growing and propagating instructions, best uses, and companion plants.

The Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses

The Color Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses, Sedges, Rushes, Restios, Cat-tails, and Selected Bamboos

Author: Rick Darke

Publisher: Timber Press ©1999

ISBN: 0-88192-464-4

325 pages, full color.

Considered to be the most authoritative and best-illustrated reference ever published on ornamental grasses. In addition to the illustrated encyclopedia of ornamental grasses, Darke discusses how to use ornamental grasses to complement other perennials in the landscape.

The Well Designed Mixed Garden

Author: Tracy DiSabato-Aust

Publisher: Timber Press ©2003

ISBN: 0-88192-559-4

460 pages, full color.

In this book, master designer and plantswoman Tracy DiSabato-Aust provides inspiration and organized information for passionate gardeners. The book is really four books in one.

First, it is a master class of design fundamentals, with an emphasis on topics often neglected in other design books such as site evaluation, color theory, and planning for maintenance. Her step-by-step approach is sure to appeal even to beginning gardeners.

Second, this book contains a gallery of detailed design plans that show how ideas are put onto paper and then translated into three dimensions. Gardens of all sizes are included, along with accompanying plant lists and beautiful photographs.

Third, an Encyclopedia of Plant Combinations presents 27 sample vignettes of compatible plants. Each entry addresses the design considerations at play--what makes the grouping work--and provides tips on how to keep the combination looking its best.

Fourth, this book includes very extensive appendixes which detail the characteristics and maintenance requirements of hundreds of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and bulbs. These useful charts and lists contain all the information designers will need for every landscape purpose and could qualify as a book in themselves.

(Description excerpted from the book.)

The Well Tended Perennial Garden - Expanded Edition

Author: Tracy DiSabato-Aust

Publisher: Timber Press ©2006

ISBN: 0881928038

384 pages, black and white with color inserts.

This guide to garden maintenance shows how careful planning and judicious care can extend the visual pleasure of your garden from a few brief days to long weeks and even months. Learn about deadheading, pinching, cutting back, thinning, disbudding, deadleafing, and other techniques that will produce more flowers, encourage growth, and stagger bloom time.

Continuous Bloom

Author: Pam Duthie

Publisher: Ball Publishing ©2001

ISBN: 1883052289

328 pages, full color. Available in hardcover and spiral bound editions.

Description from the Publisher: A guide to keeping a perennial garden in bloom from April through October, this book provides all the information a gardener needs to grow beautiful flowers. Detailed information includes descriptions on 272 types of perennials along with their bloom length, light and soil requirements, care, propagation, potential problems, and companion plants.

Elegant Silvers - Striking Plants for Every Garden

Author: Jo Ann Gardner

Photographer: Karen Bussolini

Publisher: Timber Press ©0881927031

311 pages, full color.

From the Publisher: In this comprehensive and inspirational compendium, silver aficionados Jo Ann Gardner and Karen Bussolini have selected and vividly illustrated the best silver plants for a broad range of growing and design needs. Whether you decide to add a dash of quicksilver or the soothing perfume of an ancient herb, this in-depth guide to plants of uncommon beauty and versatility is certain to change the way you see and plant your garden.

Consider the Leaf: Foliage in Garden Design

Author: Judy Glattstein

Publisher: Timber Press ©2003

ISBN: 0881925713

308 pages, full color.

From the Publisher: What gardener hasn't been disappointed with borders after spring blooms have faded? Designing a garden with the focus on flowers is missing half the fun, according to the author, an expert plantswoman and popular horticultural educator. Working on the premise that the form of the leaf is the most important design element, Glattstein explains the basic leaf shapes and how to balance them pleasingly. Color also adds dimension to plantings, and Glattstein includes individual chapters focusing on specific tonal palettes. Each chapter is filled with plant suggestions and hints for successfully incorporating foliage into the garden. More than 110 photographs illustrate foliage effects, from subtle to dramatic. This lively and information-rich book will benefit gardeners and landscape designers alike.

The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grass

How to Grow and use Over 250 Beautiful and Versatile Plants

Author: John Greenlee

Photographer: Derek Fell

Publisher: Rodale ©1992

ISBN: 0-87596-100-2

186 pages, full color.

Contains a comprehensive list of over 250 ornamental grasses and their cultivars, describing each plant in detail including cultural requirements, propagation, and landscape use.

The Color Encyclopedia of Hostas

Authors: Diana Grenfell and Michael Shadrack

Publisher: Timber Press ©2004

ISBN: 0-88192-618-3

407 pages, full color.

A comprehensive color encyclopedia of the world's finest hosta cultivars and species. Organized by color, this book provides a full description and color photograph for more than 750 hostas.

Ball Redbook - Volume 2: Crop Production

Editor: Debbie Hamrick

Publisher: Ball Publishing ©2003

ISBN: 1-883052-35-1

724 pages, black and white. 

This book provides the most up-to-date and helpful growing techniques and cultural details for specific crops. Written by Green Industry professionals and leading academics, Crop Production presents the information in a clear, concise manner. This isn't theory--it's what works in real-world production.

In Part 1, you'll find chapters devoted to: water, media, nutrition, pH, temperature, light, growth regulators, managing insects and diseases, managing pest resistance, propagation, indexing for disease, and post-harvest care of flowering potted plants. 

Part 2 relates cultural details for more than 160 annuals, perennials, herbs, and vegetables. For each crop, you'll find sections about propagation, growing on, pest and disease control, troubleshooting, varieties, and post-harvest care. (Description excerpted from the book.)

Designing with Perennials

Author: Pamela J. Harper

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. ©2001

ISBN: 0-8069-7478-8

326 pages, full color.

A comprehensive guide to designing perennial gardens, from choosing the right plants to using garden ornaments.

Heucheras and Heucherellas - Coral Bells and Foamy Bells

Authors: Dan Heims and Grahame Ware

Publisher: Timber Press ©2005

ISBN: 0-88192-702-3

208 pages, black and white with color insert.

This book features an extensive listing of the hundreds of choice selections and hybrids of Heucheras and Heucherellas available today. Also included are practical chapters on garden care, propagation, and design uses.

Growing Perennials in Cold Climates

Author: Mike Heger and John Whitman

Publisher: Contemporary Books ©1998

ISBN: 0-8092-2943-9

431pages, full color.

This is an excellent resource for gardeners in cold climates. Its detailed information is garnered specifically for this type of garden and only lists and explains perennial varieties that are hardy to these climates.

Perennials for Every Purpose

Author: Larry Hodgson

Publisher: Rodale ©2000

ISBN: 0-87596-823-6

502 pages, full color.

An informative and insightful encyclopedia of perennials, organized by characteristics such as long-blooming, water-loving, fabulous foliage, etc. Each plant entry includes a plant profile, growing tips, list of good neighbors, problems and solutions, the top performer in its class, and other recommended varieties.

Gardening with Perennials Month by Month

Author: Joseph Hudak

Publisher: Timber Press ©1993

ISBN: 0-88192-264-1

374 pages, black and white with color insert.

Well respected, and the most practical hardy perennial guide in North America. This guide provides month schedules of different genera and species' bloom periods, as well as providing general information about the plants.

The Encyclopedia of Planting Combinations

Author: Tony Lord

Photographer: Andrew Lawson

Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group Ltd. ©2002

ISBN: 1-55209-623-8

416 pages, full color.

From Carol Haggas of Booklist: "Perennials paired with trees, trees teamed with shrubs, shrubs surrounded by bulbs: good garden design exists when several elements coexist serendipitously. Achieving such harmony doesn't have to be hard work, according to Lord, who covers all bases with concise yet comprehensive commentaries on the design characteristics of more than 1,000 individual plants. Accompanied by Lawson's crisp photographs of more than 4,000 visually compelling garden combinations, Lord succinctly illustrates each plant's design capabilities, then thoughtfully suggests a roster of complementary plants to take the guesswork out of good design. If there is a better organized gardening book available, its existence is unknown. Indeed, Lord could set a new standard for the term user-friendly, for few guides could rival his treatise for the practicality of its structure or for the quality of its information. Each entry contains at-a-glance information on plant companions and cultural requirements, and helpfully lists photographic cross-references. For professionals and amateurs alike, this guide is a godsend."

Perennial Ground Covers

Author: David S. MacKenzie

Publisher: Timber Press, Inc. ©1997

ISBN: 0-88192-368-0

379 pages, black and white with color insert.

Ground covers take on new meaning in this informative and enlightening book. Scientific explanations of hundreds of perennials are included as well as a handy ground cover selection chart.

Easy Garden Design

Author: Janet Macunovich

Publisher: Storey Books ©1992

ISBN: 0882667912

176 pages, black and white.

This is a helpful guide for the daunting task designing your garden. In her book, Janet Macunovich breaks down the design process into 12 simple steps. Following these steps, your garden or landscape is guaranteed to be beautiful!

The Right-Size Flower Garden

Simplify Your Outdoor Space with Smart Design Solutions and Plant Choices

Author: Kerry Ann Mendez

ISBN-13: 978-0989268875

192 pages

"Today, the reality of a “bigger is better” garden no longer holds the same allure as a “small is beautiful” one. We’re busy, we’re aging, and the demands of the garden can feel overwhelming. What to do? Make smarter use of the space we have and the plants we select, says garden expert Kerry Ann Mendez. In The Right-Size Flower Garden, she shares her successful recipe for having a garden we can manage and love again...the right-size, low maintenance, drought tolerant garden. The goal is ditching 50% of the work by choosing high-value plants and making simple design changes. You’ll learn which plants to switch out, which ones aren’t worth the effort, and which tools and practices will take the “chore” out of gardening. The Right-Size Flower Garden is filled with beautiful full-color photos, practical tips, “plant this not that” lists, and valuable shortcuts to success."

The Ultimate Flower Gardener's Top Ten Lists

70 Garden-Transforming Lists, Money Saving Shortcuts, Design Tips & Smart Plant Picks for Zones 3 Through 7

Author: Kerry Ann Mendez

ISBN-13: 978-1935534907

248 pages

This book, written by Kerry Ann Mendez the founder of Perennially Yours, focuses on useful and practical perennials recommendations for all gardeners, particularly those looking for a high quality and low maintenance garden.

Hemerocallis, The Daylily

Author: R.W. Munson, Jr.

Publisher: Timber Press ©1989

ISBN: 0-88192-140-8

144 pages, full color.

This book, written by one of the best known daylily breeders, discusses the developments of daylily breeders from 1900 to 1989, as well as the history of the American Hemerocallis Society. Also included is a listing of daylily cultivars and their descriptions.

Ball Perennial Manual: Propogation and Production

Author: Jim Nau

Publisher: Ball Publishing ©1996

ISBN: 1-883052-10-6

487 pages, black and white

Borne out of Ball Seed Company's detailed tests for germination rates, hardiness, adaptability, performance, and usage of a broad range of herbaceous perennial plants, this book provides the answers you are looking for on how to grow specific genera of perennials. For each plant, the following information is provided: Botanical name and family, common name, description, hardiness, season of bloom, propagation methods, germination overview, growing on, varieties, related plant material, uses, and cultural advice for the home gardener.

The Gardener's Peony - Herbaceous and Tree Peonies

Author: Martin Page

Publisher: Timber Press ©2005

ISBN: 0-88192-694-9

267 pages, full color.

A detailed encyclopedia of peony species and cultivars. Also includes information on peony breeders and botanical gardens with peony collections.

Herbaceous Perennials Production - A Guide from Propagation to Marketing

Author: Leonard Perry

Publisher: Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service ©1998

ISBN: 0-935817-29-8

208 pages, 2 color

This publication is an update and expansion of the 1987 Cornell Guidelines on Perennial Production. It combines cultural and varietal information about herbaceous perennials with research-based information about commercial production. The focus is on nursery and greenhouse production of field or container pernnials, but the greenhouse plug and bedding plant methods of perennial production are covered as well. It is a valuable source of information for most perennial growers, especially those who are new to the industry. (Description excerpted from the book.)

Rodale's Illustrated Encyclopedia of Perennials

Author: Ellen Phillips and C. Colston Burrell

Publisher: Rodale Inc. ©2004

ISBN: 0-87596-898-8

712 pages, full color.

A detailed collection of growing tips, landscape uses, and general knowledge in a comprehensive A-Z encyclopedia form.

The Color Encyclopedia of Daylilies

Authors: Ted L. Petit and John P. Peat

Publisher: Timber Press ©2000

ISBN: 0881924881

296 pages, full color.

From the Publisher: This book covers the vast array of daylily hybrids that are available today. Close-up photographs show the detailed characteristics that hybridizers work for. Each photo is accompanied by a description of the daylily's color, size, bloom season, and parentage. In addition to the pictorial encyclopedia, the book offers information on daylily cultivation and hybridization.

Perennial Solutions - A Grower's Guide to Perennial Production

Author: Paul Pilon

Publisher: Ball Publishing ©2006

ISBN: 1-883052-47-5

546 pages, full color.

Author Paul Pilon has compiled a comprehensive book covering all aspects of producing perennial crops--propagation, fertility, media, pest and disease management, weed control, height control, and overwintering. A large section of the book is devoted to forcing perennials into bloom to maximize sell through as the retail level. Perennial Solutions presents specific production guidelines for 30 popular crops including Aster, Delphinium, Hemerocallis, Hosta, Rudbeckia, and ornamental grasses. Detailed tables offer specific recommendations for using PGRs, herbicides, forcing schedules, and more. (Description excerpted from the book.)

Grass Scapes: Gardening with Ornamental Grasses

Authors: Martin Quinn and Catherine MacLeod

Publisher: Ball Publishing ©2004

ISBN: 1883052378

192 pages, full color.

This book by grass expert Martin Quinn and writer Catherine MacLeod arms the reader with the knowledge you need to beautify your garden, lawn and home. Grass Scapes provides a quick solution on how to use ornamental grasses to meet your landscaping needs. 

The ornamental grass is very low maintenance, especially hardy, resistant to disease, and able to flourish in a wide range of soil and climate conditions. Aesthetically these grasses are quite unique, creating movement, colour, and variety in all kinds of gardens. This book takes the ornamental grass beyond just an expanse of turf and transforms it into a staple sculptural element for every garden. It is written so that gardeners of all levels of practice can comprehend it, giving the reader the simple skills to garden confidently with grasses. 

Martin Quinn, who is locally known as "The Grass Man," shares with the reader a plethora of knowledge gained from his growing over 120 varieties of ornamental grasses. Martin and Catherine married in 1991 and have collaborated over the years to combine the many photographs and the vast knowledge into a wonderful book that you just have to pick up and enjoy.

American Horticultural Society's Encyclopedia of Perennials

Editor in Chief: Graham Rice

Contributing Editor: Kurt Bluemel

Publisher: DK Publishing, Inc. ©2006

496 pages, full color.

Combines thousands of beautiful, close-up plant portraits, along with detailed horticultural information and planting suggestions for more than 5,000 individual species and cultivars, including the newest introductions.

An Encyclopedia of Shade Perennials

Author: W. George Schmid

Publisher: Timber Press ©2002

ISBN: 0-88192-549-7

374 pages, black and white with color insert.

Scientific explanations of hundreds of genera of perennials and their cultivars.

Perennial Reference Guide

Author: Karleen Shafer and Nicole Lloyd

Publisher: Stipes Publishing LLC ©2007

ISBN: 978-1-58874-682-5

346 pages, black and white.

An exceptionally thorough book of lists of every category of perennial including: dry shade, erosion control, aromatherapy, native, winter interest, and much more.

Manuel of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants

Author: Dr. Steven M. Still

Publisher: Stipes Publishing ©1994

ISBN: 0-87563-433-8

814 pages, black and white with color insert.

In this fourth edition of THE reference on herbaceous ornamental plants, Dr. Still provides detailed information about common and uncommon annuals, biennials, perennials, bulbs, ornamental grasses, herbs, and hardy ferns that are adapted to most climates of the US and Canada. 

Using a standard format, the following information is provided for each plant entry: Botanical name, common name, leaves, flower, habit, season of bloom, culture, utilization, propagation, diseases and insects, hardiness, cultivars, additional notes, native habitat, and a line drawing.

Taylor's Dictionary for Gardeners

Taylor's Dictionary for Gardeners: The definitive guide to the language of horticulture

Author: Frances Tenenbaum

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company ©1997

ISBN: 0-395-87606-0

352 pages, black and white.

Product Description: "From everyday gardening terms to essential botanical Latin, this illustrated book is truly a dictionary of horticultural literacy for gardeners of every level of interest and experience. With 2,000 entries and 275 illustrations, Taylor's Dictionary for Gardeners defines and clearly explains the terminology of horticulture, including:The botanical names of common species, or how to read a plant label, Horticultural terms - the difference between genus,species, cultivar, and hybrid, Garden techniques, such as what it means to scarify seeds and distress roots, The anatomy and physiology of plants, including the everyday significance of apical dominance, Historical gardening terms and styles, from ha-ha to bedding out. The book also includes names and descriptions of garden tools and insect pests, brief biographies of famous gardeners, and listings of botanical gardens and institutions in the world of horticulture."

The Big Book of Garden Solutions

Publisher: Time-Life Books ©1999

ISBN: 0737000414

152 pages, full color.

From inside back flap: "The Big Book of Garden Solutions contains an inspirational photographic gallery of gardens, as well as detailed garden plans for difficult sites. It covers topics like design strategies, problem-solving garden techniques, how to grow a healthy lawn, coping with garden pests, controlling weeds, and preventing plants disease. Plus, you'll find expert answers to common gardening questions, a plant selection guide, zone and frost maps of the United States, and an encyclopedia of easy-care plants."

Perennial Gardening Guide

Author: John M. Valleau

Publisher: Valleybrook International Ventures, Inc. ©2003

ISBN: 0-9699483-2-8

175 pages, full color.

Now in its fourth edition, the Perennial Gardening Guide from Heritage Perennials in Canada continues to provide a thorough and detailed explanation of hundreds of herbaceous perennials and their related cultivars. We've found this book to be one of the most accurate resources for perennial plant information. It includes practical knowledge for each plant along with detailed cultural notes. The basics of perennial garden design and maintenance schedules are also included.

100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names

Author: Diana Wells

Publisher: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill ©1997


257 pages, 2 color

A unique book filled with the history of 100 perennials, annuals, bulbs, and shrubs. Learn how the plants got their names, who discovered them, how they have been used since their discovery, and much more.

The Hosta Handbook

Author: Mark R. Zilis

Publisher: Q & Z Nursery, Inc. ©2000

ISBN: 0-9679440-0-7

600 pages, full color.

The Hosta Handbook provides a comprehensive review of 278 horticulturally significant types of hostas. Included are the most popular cultivars, traditional landscaping hostas, and important species. Highlights include complete descriptions of the Tardiana Series and the Iron Gate Series, as well as hostas related to H. 'Fortunei', H. montana, H. plantaginea, H. sieboldiana, H. sieboldii, H. 'Tokudama', and

H. 'Undulata'.

Introductory chapters describe the history of hostas, taxonomy of the genus Hosta, the American Hosta Society, how to grow hostas, what to plant with hostas, and how to propagate, hybridize, and select mutants. Then each hosta is examined in great detail. Mound dimensions are listed. Leaf size, color, shape, texture, substance, and vein pairs are described. Flowering habits such as time of bloom, flower color and size, scape height, and pod formation are also included. A "Comments" section covers each plant's origins, any AHS registration information, possible usage in the landscape, and the author's opinions. Over 1300 more hostas are briefly described in "Seedlings, Sports, and Other Related Types" and "Other Similar Types" sections.

Other features of The Hosta Handbook are the 300 color photographs, an extensive Hosta Name Index (with references to proper nomenclature), and the "Hosta Problem Solving Guide". The latter identifies 15 basic problems afflicting hostas and how to control them.

The Hosta Handbook can be thought of as a field guide to hostas and is meant to be carried around in the garden. The 4 1/4" wide by 9" long format lends itself to this purpose. All in all, The Hosta Handbook will be useful to the most experienced hosta aficionado, as well as beginners, enthusiastic gardeners, nurserymen and taxonomists alike.