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22 Tall Perennials to Help Your Garden Rise Above

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Just a whole bunch of quotes about gardening and the elements and labor that go into creating a beautiful landscape.

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19 Perennials for Clay Soil

25 Proven Winners® Perennials that make a Statement in a Container

Perennials are the rugged workhorses of the landscape, but have the underused ability to occupy so many more roles in the garden. Here are 25 perennials that command attention in the container, all by themselves.

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11 Deer Resistant Proven Winners® Perennials

Deer are one of the most visible of garden pests (in part because they are also one of the largest). When a browsing deer has been through the damage is almost always immediately evident. Short of fencing, not much works to keep them out. Therefore, landscapes that have learned to resist deer browsing tend to remain beautiful just a little bit longer.

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10 Rabbit Resistant Proven Winners® Perennials

Newly emerging and tender foliage often attracts browsing animals, so planning a landscape that skews away from salad greens is a good way to get success even when rabbits are present.

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Guide to Common Native Grasses

20 Proven Winners® Perennials for the Landscape