Anemone 'Whirlwind'

Common Name: Japanese Anemone

This gorgeous perennial makes a majestic centerpiece for late summer and fall gardens, coming into its prime just as other plants are beginning to retire for the season.  A billowy mound of large, dark green leaves emerges a bit late in spring, making an ideal cover for the dying foliage of spring bulbs. 

From late summer into mid-fall, pure white, 2-3”, semi-double flowers with ruffled petals top the tall, graceful stems which sway beautifully in the wind. Though the stems are slim, they are strong and are an elegant addition to fresh bouquets. 

Try planting Japanese anemones with other fall bloomers such as asters, snakeroot, and toad lilies.

A staple item for late summer and fall borders, Japanese Anenomes are graceful plants with beautiful, satiny flowers borne on tall stems above a clump of shorter basal foliage. Watching them sway in the breeze brings a feeling of calm and peace to the garden. Since they are a bit late to rise in the spring, they make an ideal cover for the dying foliage of spring bulbs.