Baptisia 'Dutch Chocolate' PP23872 CPBR5096


Common Name: False Indigo

Rich velvety chocolate purple flowers held on upright stems above an especially compact mound of foliage in late spring to early summer makes this plant ideal for smaller urban gardens. 

The deep blue green foliage remains densely compact as the plant matures and the leaves start lower on the stems, covering the base of the plant better than most Baptisias.  This is a vigorously growing selection that looks great all season.  Ornamental seed pods extend the season of interest into fall.

Baptisia is easy to grow and will thrive with little maintenance.  There are many potential applications in the landscape including meadow plantings, as a backdrop in borders, or as a specimen.  Plants are very long-lived once established.

The roots of the DECADENCE® series run deep—14 years deep to be exact.  What started as a fun botanizing trip in the lower Midwest with a fellow botanist blossomed into a complex hybridizing project for breeder Hans Hansen. 

For over a decade, Hansen made countless crosses with many native Baptisia species he had collected across Texas and Oklahoma.  These crosses resulted in an array of seedlings with unique flower colors and plant habits. 

Only the very best have made it into the new DECADENCE® Series, which includes varieties selected for their desirable flower colors and shorter, more compact habit. 

The DECADENCE® trademark is owned by Walters Gardens, Inc.