Colocasia esculenta 'Illustris'

Common Name: Elephant Ear, Imperial Taro

This fabulous tropical beauty is a high impact plant with magnificent huge leaves.  It makes an “imperial” specimen in large containers and water gardens. 

Giant arrow-shaped leaves measuring up to 3’ long are green with a heavy blackish purple overlay and bright green veins.  In more sun, the purple color is dominant but not quite as dark as C. ‘Black Magic’. 

Though fragrant, pale yellow flowers are occasionally produced in summer, this plant is really grown more for its outstanding foliage. 

It will grow taller in richer soil with a constant supply of moisture.  It will also send out underground runners where it is happy in the garden, providing plants for you to share with friends. 

This plant is hardy outdoors to approximately zone 7b.  In colder zones, it is best grown indoors as a houseplant during winter.