Clematis macropetala 'Blue Bird'

Common Name: Clematis

    • A small-flowered variety, 2"-3" in diameter


    • Pale purple-blue, semi-double flowers are broadly bell-shaped and nodding


    • Blooms from April-June with some repeat blooming through summer


    • Prefers a sheltered site and can easily tolerate partial shade


  • Good in containers, for growing over low walls and fences, or as a groundcover

A member of:
Group 1—Early flowering cultivars
These varieties flower in the spring, only on growth produced the previous season. They generally do not need to be pruned at all, but if you feel it is necessary to keep them in bounds, trim them back immediately after they are finished blooming (within one month). Old, woody plants can be pruned very hard at this same time, cutting them back to 1-2 feet. This will remove the old, non-flowering growth. It may take a season or two for it to start flowering again.