Colocasia esculenta 'Black Coral' PP23896

Royal Hawaiian® Series

Common Name: Elephant Ear

One of the deepest black-leaved Colocasias available and certainly the darkest we offer. 

If you’re looking for a focal point for the pond side or for containers, look no further than this dramatic new member of the ROYAL HAWAIIAN® Colocasia series from Dr. John Cho of Hawaii.  It features huge, glossy jet black, corrugated, arrow-shaped leaves with deep blue veins on jet black stems. 

At full size in the landscape, it will reach 4’ tall and short runners will appear close to the mother plant.  If you grow this plant in containers, make sure it is a very large one and be sure to give it a consistent supply of moisture.  This plant will drink up all you can give it and can even grow directly in shallow water. 

When growing these plants in our greenhouse, they colored up nicely even under UV inhibitor plastic.  This was a pleasant surprise since often purple foliage plants require direct UV exposure to bring out the darker pigment.  

This plant was featured on the Martha Stewart Show in March, 2012!