Coreopsis 'Jethro Tull' PP18789

Common Name: Tickseed, Coreopsis

A natural cross of 'Early Sunrise' and 'Zamfir', this selection exhibits the best characteristics of both: brilliant golden yellow flowers with fluted petals and a more compact habit. Many people see 'Jethro Tull' as an improvement over 'Zamfir' since its petals are more consistently fluted and the plants are super floriferous, providing unbeatable color impact in the garden in early and midsummer.

Try pairing 'Jethro Tull' with purple blooming perennials such as Salvia or Hardy Geranium.

Coreopsis is easy to grow, making it a good choice for beginners. One plant will provide you with long-lasting cut flower bouquets nearly all summer long.