Echeveria shaviana 'Pink Frills'

Common Name: Mexican Hen & Chicks

Becoming ever more beautiful as it ages, this plant transitions through a palette of mauve purple, silvery blue, and green as the foliage matures.   The new leaves in the center of the rosette are mauve purple when they emerge.  As they age, the foliage transitions in color ranging from purple to silvery blue to silvery green.  All of the leaves have bright pink edges that become frilly as they age. 

Much like Sempervivum, this plant forms a central rosette of foliage surrounded by many offsets.  The fleshy, pointed spoon-shaped leaves form rosettes up to five inches wide. 

Orange-pink flowers are produced on narrow, arching wands in summer. 

Echeveria is commonly grown in containers as a temperennial where it is not hardy.  In such cases, the plants will grow as large as the container allows.  Where plants are hardy enough to overwinter, they can grow much larger.