Echinacea purpurea 'PowWow White' US7,982,110

PowWow Series

Common Name: Coneflower

Like its bright magenta pink counterpart 'PowWow Wild Berry', this seed selection from PanAm Seed Co. also performed impressively in our trials.

Pure white flowers with a golden yellow cone measured 3-4” across with wide, overlapping, reflexed petals. From early through late summer, the flowers are produced prolifically on stiff, well-branched stems. More branches result in more flowers per plant and a showier display in the landscape. 

This first year flowering perennial reportedly keeps on blooming without having to be deadheaded, though you may still want to trim back spent flowers to maintain a tidy appearance.

According to PanAm Seed, their PowWow Echinaceas are more floriferous, faster to flower, and genetically shorter than other seed grown varieties.

Praised for their cheerful brightly colored flowers, coneflowers are a mainstay in today's garden. Be sure to leave some spent blooms on the plants in the fall because their seeds provide winter food for finches and other birds. The dried seed heads also provide architectural interest in the winter.