Epimedium x rubrum

Epimedium x rubrum Barrenwort

Common Name: Barrenwort

Received 4 out of 5 stars in the Chicago Botanic Garden Epimedium Evaluation. The best Epimedium species for use as a groundcover, this species quickly spreads by rhizomes. From mid to late spring, clusters of small red flowers with short, white or pale pink spurs hover just above the foliage.

The young leaves are flushed red in spring, and in cool summers this red pigment remains. In warm summers, they become glossy, dark green. In the fall, the foliage turns reddish-brown and remains standing thru the winter. To keep it looking its best, this plant should be sheltered from cold, dry winds.

Epimedium will adapt to many growing situations, and is particularly useful in dry shade where few other plants will survive. It is able to compete with tree roots easily. This variety is particularly more tolerant of alkaline, clay soils than the others.