Gaillardia aristata 'Arizona Apricot'

Arizona Series

Common Name: Blanket Flower

Acting as a perfect complement to its kin, ‘Arizona Sun’ and ‘Arizona Red Shades’, this new selection offers a slightly more subdued color palette of yellows and apricots.

The compact, uniform mound of bright green foliage is covered in large 3-3½" blossoms from early summer into fall. The flowers are apricot with yellow tips and a darker orange center.  Multiple rows of petals give the flowers a beautifully full appearance.

This plant forms a tidy mound and has an excellent branching habit.  It fills out a 1-gal container very nicely for terrific appeal at retail.

These perennials require little care once established. They are heat tolerant and actually prefer to be grown in poorer soils. They get their name from the manner in which they used to blanket North American prairies with their blooms. They can still be found in fields and along roadsides in the prairie region and into the Rockies.