Gypsophila paniculata FESTIVAL STAR® ('Danfestar' PP14818 CPBR2631)

Common Name: Baby's Breath

A new look in Gypsophila!  We are incredibly impressed with the compact, tightly mounded habit of this variety of Baby’s Breath.  The plants remain very tidy and uniform over the season, making great garden plants. 

Dense sprays of pure white flowers were produced on relatively short stems above the grey-green foliage , though they were still long enough for cutting for small posies.  This is also an incredibly long blooming selection, flowering from late spring into fall. 

Baby's Breath has long been valued as a filler plant in perennial border gardens and also as a long-lasting cut flower. It makes the perfect cover up for dying bulb foliage or for perennials, such as poppies or bleeding hearts, that go dormant in summer. Baby's Breath also makes an excellent dried flower.