Hibiscus 'Edge of Night' PP34359 CPBRAF

SUMMERIFIC® Collection

Common Name: Rose Mallow

One of our most hotly anticipated additions to the SUMMERIFIC® lineup in recent years! At only 3-3½' tall, this is our most compact Hibiscus to date. 7-8" bubblegum pink flowers have overlapping petals and darker pink veining for a dramatic 3D effect. Jet black foliage is the darkest we've seen on a Hibiscus and contrasts nicely with the green flower calyxes and red veining and petioles. Compared to 'Evening Rose', this has darker foliage, a more compact habit, and brighter pink flowers. Best color and performance will be in full sun.

These North American native plants bring massive, tropical-looking flowers all the way to zone 4. Although later to emerge than most perennials in spring, these are fast growing plants capable of adding an inch of new growth a day. Excellent at brightening up end of season gardens.

The SUMMERIFIC® trademark is owned by Walters Gardens, Inc.