Ligularia 'Bottle Rocket' PP24486 CPBR5649

Common Name: Ligularia

Throughout the years, we have been impressed by the compact habit and excellent garden performance of this sport of 'Little Rocket'.

Unlike older Ligularias, this one is a perfectly proportioned plant with its mustard yellow flowers held on chocolate stems just at the top of the dense clump of foliage so no naked stems are showing. The flowers are held like a bouquet in the center of the clump, and there are more flowering stems per plant than its parent. Comparing mature specimens, ‘Bottle Rocket’ is about 6” shorter than its parent in full bloom.

‘Bottle Rocket’ is also a more robust plant with thicker, very large, serrated leaves and a denser habit. In our trials, when ‘Little Rocket’ tended to open up and wilt in the heat, ‘Bottle Rocket’ remained perfectly upright. Overall a notable improvement over its parent!