Miscanthus sinensis 'Encore' PP29070

Common Name: Ornamental Grass, Miscanthus

Hybridized and selected at Walters Gardens for its flowering performance earlier in the season, ‘Encore’ is a perfect choice for northern climates, where the growing season is shorter. Since it blooms so early, this ornamental grass has a chance for an encore performance, shooting up a secondary flush of coppery purple plumes before frost hits. Blooming starts in late summer to early fall and lasts until mid-fall. The flowers turn to a creamy tan color with age. This perennial forms a tall, upright clump of dark green leaves with white midribs. Before blooming, this plant stands around 4½’ tall. Be sure to leave this grass standing so it can provide winter interest through the snowy months.

Miscanthus is versatile from a design standpoint; it can be used as a specimen, for massing or screening, in large containers, or at the pond's edge. Plant this grass where its wonderful winter interest can be enjoyed.