Panicum virgatum 'Dust Devil' PPAF

Common Name: Switch Grass, Ornamental Grass

Neither rain nor wind will knock this solid grass down!  ‘Dust Devil’ is a very durable grass that will grow well under less than ideal garden conditions.

Standing just over 4 feet tall in full bloom, this grass is 1-2 feet shorter than comparable varieties such as ‘Northwind’ or ‘Heavy Metal’.  Its blue-green to green foliage forms a strictly upright, dense clump. In the fall, the tips of the leaves are flushed with a hint of deep purplish red. 

Wine purple flower panicles are produced in late summer, blooming in the middle of the dense foliage and extending just about 6 inches above the clump.  The flowers turn tan as they age. 

Switch grass gets its name from the peaceful swishing sound it makes when blowing in the wind. All parts of this grass are very sturdy, and will remain standing thru winter unless snows are heavy. This provides important cover for birds during the coldest days of winter. This grass is very versitile from a design standpoint; it is effective as a specimen, in masses, for screening, alongside ponds or streams, or even in large containers.