Panicum virgatum 'Thundercloud' PP20665

Common Name: Switch Grass, Ornamental Grass

Looking for a large specimen plant for your landscape? Look no further! Even gardeners in chilly zone 4 can grow this native grass with ease.

Panicum 'Thundercloud' PP20665 is a very large switch grass that grows to a height of 7-8ft when mature. Yet the blue-green foliage remains strictly upright and doesn't flop over in windy, rainy conditions. In late summer, a plethora of pinkish-tan, airy panicles are produced just above the foliage.

This selection was hybridized by Gary Trucks of Amber Wave Gardens in West Michigan.

Switch grass gets its name from the peaceful swishing sound it makes when blowing in the wind. All parts of this grass are very sturdy, and will remain standing thru winter unless snows are heavy. This provides important cover for birds during the coldest days of winter. This grass is very versitile from a design standpoint; it is effective as a specimen, in masses, for screening, alongside ponds or streams, or even in large containers.