Schizachyrium scoparium 'Prairie Blues'

Common Name: Little Bluestem, Ornamental Grass

Little Bluestem is a native prairie grass that is said to have originated in Missouri. It can be found in the wild as far north as Quebec, east to Maine, south to Florida, and west to Arizona. Once one of the most characteristic grasses of American tallgrass praries, Little Bluestem is now the official state grass of Nebraska.

'Prairie Blues' is an improved selection of the native bluestem. It offers a more consistent grey-blue foliage color that is quite striking in the garden. The narrow, upright leaves take on pinkish orange tones in the fall. Fluffy silver seed heads appear in late summer and last well into fall.

Schizachyrium is a great choice if you are looking to restore an eroded site, or for a plant that will grow in hot, dry areas where other plants have a hard time surviving.