Solidago LITTLE LEMON ('Dansolitlem' PP17297)

Solidago LITTLE LEMON Goldenrod

Common Name: Goldenrod

This perennial has it all! It's easy to grow, provides a showy splash of color in the garden when little else is blooming, attracts butterflies, looks great in containers, and makes a very long-lasting cut flower. Unlike the taller, more wild cultivars, this petite version of goldenrod can find a place in everyone's garden.

Little Lemon is the most compact form of goldenrod available today. It grows 8 to 14 inches tall depending on the growing conditions. From late summer into early fall, an abundance of lemon yellow panicles cover the finely textured, green leaves. If cut back, it often reblooms. Use this plant to extend the season of interest in your garden well into fall.

Despite common perception, goldenrod does not cause hay fever. Rather, it blooms around the same time as ragweed which is the true culprit of allergy sufferers. Goldenrods are members of the sunflower family (Asteraceae). There are approximately 100 species found in North America, mainly in the east. They commonly grow along stream banks, in ditches, and other places where the soil is moist and rich. The new hybrid goldenrods are much better behaved than their wild ancestors and make excellent garden plants.