8 Orange Perennials

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    If you are looking to fill your garden with orange plants, here is a list of 8 perennials to help get you started.

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    'Firefly Peach Sky' Achillea

    (Yarrow) Light peachy orange flowers age to yellow. Mature and new flowers create a blend of colors. Tall, upright habit.

    Full Sun | Zones: 3-8 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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    'Peachie Keen' Agastache

    (Anise Hyssop) Densely compact, rounded clump of aromatic, bright green foliage is topped with loads of apricot peach flowers with complementary purplish pink calyxes for many months beginning in midsummer (earlier in warmer zones). Easy to grow. Asexual propagation prohibited.

    Full Sun | Zones: 6-9 | Midsummer to Early Fall

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    Asclepias tuberosa

    (Butterfly Weed) A hassle-free perennial with three months of tangerine-orange blooms followed by green fruits filled with silvery-white, silky seeds. Excellent long-lasting cut flower. Breaks dormancy late.

    Full Sun | Zones: 3-9 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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    SIZZLE & SPICE® 'Crazy Cayenne' Coreopsis verticillata

    (Threadleaf Coreopsis) Heat up your summer garden with SIZZLE & SPICE® Coreopsis. Members of this collection have compact, rounded habits that are covered with flowers from early to late summer. 'Crazy Cayenne' has 1¾” wide fiery sunset orange flowers have intense red-orange color concentrated at the centers of the petals.

    Full Sun | Zones: 5-9 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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    COLOR CODED™ 'Orange You Awesome' Echinacea

    (Coneflower) Tangerine orange flowers are produced with dark cones. Near the cones, there is a faint reddish halo. Earlier to bloom than most other varieties.

    Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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    RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'Orange Smoothie' Hemerocallis

    (Daylily) 4” wide, orange-mango petals with a light rose band, pink mid-rib, and green throat. Well-branched, 4-way flower scapes have upwards of 32 buds per scape. Flowers are cookie-cutter consistent in form and color with excellent rebloom.

    Full to Part Sun | Zones: 3-9 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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    PRIMO® 'Peachberry Ice' Heuchera

    (Coral Bells) Large 4½-5”, apricot-orange leaves have a silver overlay. Pronounced ruffling reveals bright pink undersides of the leaves. The bright orange color is most pronounced in the spring with newly emerging foliage, over the warmer months the color mellows. Burgundy stems hold airy, cream flowers

    Full Sun to Full Shade | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms Midsummer

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    PYROMANIA™ 'Orange Blaze' Kniphofia

    (Red Hot Poker) The spiky flowers and upright habits of this plant add a very unique drama to your landscape, with rebloom extending the color late into the season. Grass-like foliage provides textural contrast to bold-leaved perennials. These tropical looking plants are hardy to either zone 6 or 5b, if you provide winter protection. 'Orange Blaze' has bright orange flowers that are densely packed onto the spike. Very compact.

    Full Sun | Zones: 5b-9 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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