Agave desmettiana 'Desert Sunset'

Common Name: Smooth Agave, Century Plant

This is a sport of a yellow-edged Agave desmettiana with very wide, bright yellow margins. The brilliant yellow coloration will stand out in a crowd with its defined, crisp variegation. The 2” wide, sword-like leaves have dark blue-green centers and an arching, upright habit. The margins are toothed only near the base of the plant, and smooth out toward the tips of the leaves. The leaves tips end with cinnamon colored terminal spines. ‘Desert Sunset’ is a joint discovery of Hans Hansen (Walters Gardens, Inc. hybridizing) and Tony Avent (Plant Delights Nursery), found on a botanizing trip in Arizona.

The common name "Century Plant" is alluding to the belief that it takes 100 years to bloom. In reality, Agaves bloom after 15-20 years, and the main crown dies after blooming.