Bee Friendly!

24 Perennials to Attract Pollinators

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    Why Should You Plant Pollinator Friendly Plants?

    Without pollination, many plants are unable to produce fruit or seeds. A lack of pollinators can affect the food source of wildlife and people. Honeybees are a crucial part of agriculture industry as well pollinated fields produce better yields and seed for the following year. You can expect a well pollinated vegetable garden or fruit tree in your yard to show the same benefits.

    Try planting these perennials to bring pollinators to your yard:

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    1. 'Denim 'n Lace' Russian Sage

    Full Sun | Zones 4-9 | Blooms Midsummer - Mid Fall

    'Denim 'n Lace' Russian Sage is a lightly fragrant perennial and will certainly bring the bees around. While Russian Sage are later to emerge, you can expect color in fall.

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    2. 'Berry Awesome' Hibiscus - SUMMERIFIC® Collection

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 4-9 | Blooms Mid - Late Summer | Native Cultivar

    Another late to emerge perennial, however 'Berry Awesome' boasts a rapid growth rate. This perennial impresses with huge 7-8" flowers that will catch the eye of pollinators and passers-by.

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    3. 'Prince Charming' Butterfly Bush - MONARCH® Collection

    Full Sun | Zones 5-10 | Blooms Late Summer - Early Fal

    Exceptionally vibrant flowers make this woody perennial very appealing to the eye. Planting Butterfly Bush like 'Queen of Hearts' is one of the easiest ways to bring Monarch butterflies to your garden.

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    4. LAKOTA™ 'Santa Fe' Coneflower

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 4-8 | Blooms Early Summer - Early Fall | Native Cultivar

    Coneflowers are native to the prairies of North American and have perfected the art of attracting bees from miles away. As an added bonus from their background as a prairie plant, Coneflowers are drought tolerant.

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    5. 'Millenium' Ornamental Onion

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 4-8 | Blooms Mid - Late Summer

    The 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year, 'Millenium' is the complete package. Healthy green foliage resists the interest of deer and rabbits, purple pompom flower clusters cover the plant beginning in midsummer, and strong stems support attractive seed heads through fall.

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    6. 'Pink Dawn' Perennial Salvia - COLOR SPIRES® Collection

    Full Sun | Zones 3-8 | Blooms Late Spring - Early Summer

    Get your garden going early with 'Pink Dawn' Salvia. With the season of bloom beginning in spring, expect this perennial to look excellent in mass plantings, along borders, or even in containers.

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    7. 'Curry Up' Threadleaf Coreopsis - SIZZLE AND SPICE® Series

    Full Sun | Zones 5-9 | Blooms Early - Late Summer | Native Cultivar

    Pollinators will be buzzing over this native perennial and its large bi-color flowers. At 1½", the overlapping flowers of 'Curry Up' will catch your eye from a distance.

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    8. 'Vanilla Cream' Baptisia - DECADENCE® Series

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 4-9 | Blooms Late Spring - Early Summer | Native Cultivar

    A spring blooming perennial, Baptisia give much needed size and color to the early season garden. Deep taproots make Baptisia not only very drought and heat tolerant, but incredibly difficult to move. It is probable, however, that this long lived perennial will outlive you.

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    9. 'Bubblegum Blast' Bee Balm - SUGAR BUZZ® Series

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 4-8 | Blooms Midsummer | Native Cultivar

    A huge blast of color in midsummer, new cultivars of Bee Balm are more disease resistant and colorful than ever. Unlike older varieties, newer introductions have tighter, more refined habits and will not flop all over the garden.

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    10. Sweet Romance® Lavender

    Full Sun | Zones 5-9 | Blooms Early Summer - Early Fall

    This petite cultivar grows well in hot, dry places such as patios or or rock gardens. Sweet Romance® can also be enjoyed nearly year round with evergreen foliage and dried seed heads in fall.

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    11. 'Hello Yellow' Butterfly Weed

    Full Sun | Zones 3-9 | Blooms Early - Late Summer | Native Cultivar

    This yellow flowering variety retains all of the positive characteristics of the native species. 'Hello Yello' is also a primary food source for Monarch butterflies and is sure to draw them to your yard.

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    12. 'Pink Potion' Veronica - MAGIC SHOW® Collection

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 4-8 | Blooms Early - Midsummer

    This Spike Speedwell has a low, wide habit with excellent landscape performance. Secondary flower spikes increase the floral show and extend the season of bloom.

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    13. 'Paint the Town Magenta' Dianthus

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 4-9 | Blooms Early Summer, Early Fall

    A great perennial for the front of the border. This easy to grow plant tolerates drought and is a magnet for bees. Evergreen foliage keeps 'Paint the Town Magenta' nice all year, though its vibrant magenta flowers will steal the show when in bloom.

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    14. 'Tuscan Sun' False Sunflower

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 3-9 | Blooms Mid - Late Summer | Native Cultivar

    A native perennial that will grow in just about any garden, 'Tuscan Sun' raises the bar when it comes to versatility. Heat and drought tolerant, a little deadheading is all you need to keep this perennial turning heads all summer long.

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    15. 'Million Dollar Sky' Delphinium

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 3-7 | Blooms Early Summer, Late Summer - Early Fall

    Large spikes of semi-double to double light blue flowers. Strong, erect stems carry the blossoms above dark green, deeply dissected foliage in early summer and again in late summer.

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    16. 'Glamour Girl' Tall Garden Phlox

    Full Sun | Zones 3-8 | Blooms Mid - Late Summer | Native Cultivar

    Gardeners looking to add a reliable Tall Garden Phlox to their yard should look no further than 'Glamour Girl'. Compared to other cultivars, 'Glamour Girl' has exceptional resistance to powdery mildew and a strong reblooming performance. Hot, coral pink flowers will attract bees and compliments alike!

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    17. 'Purrsian Blue' Catmint

    Full Sun | Zones 3-8 | Blooms Early - Late Summer, Early Fall

    Catmint are great perennials because of their long season of bloom, drought tolerance, and low maintenance. 'Purrsian Blue' has a compact, tight habit that resists flopping open like older and larger cultivars. If cut back after its first round of bloom is done, 'Purrsian Blue' will reflush and bloom again in fall.

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    18. Daisy May® Shasta Daisy - AMAZING DAISIES® Collection

    Full Sun | Zones 5-9 | Blooms Early - Late Summer

    A long blooming Shasta Daisy, Daisy May® gives its best performance with deadheading. Once flowering has finished, most gardeners can expect a second flush of flowers if cut back. This perennial can find space in almost any garden thanks to its versatility as an accent or filler plant(though that won't stop it from trying to steal the show!).

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    19. 'Rosie Posie' Anise Hyssop

    Full Sun | Zones 6-9 | Blooms Midsummer to Early Fall

    A must have perennial for late summer color. 'Rosie Posie' has lightly fragrant foliage and hot pink flowers held on magenta-purple calyxes. This perennial is also drought tolerant and deer resistant, two factors that help it looks its best when in bloom no matter what type of summer your garden is having.

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    20. 'Pure Joy' Sedum - ROCK 'N GROW® Collection

    Full Sun | Zones 3-9 | Blooms Late Summer - Early Fall

    Not a true groundcover Sedum, 'Pure Joy' stays low to the ground and has a nice, clumping habit; perfect for edging or the front of the border. When most plants are going out of flower, look for 'Pure Joy' to be a much needed source of nectar for pollinators.

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    21. 'Midnight Masquerade' Beardtongue

    Full Sun | Zones 3-8 | Blooms Early - Midsummer | Native Cultivar

    An excellent perennial for providing height in small spaces. 'Midnight Masquerade' features tall stems of light pink flowers with contrasting dark burgundy leaves.

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    22. 'Goldsturm' Black-Eyed Susan

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 4-10 | Blooms Midsummer - Early Fall | Native Cultivar

    This classic easy to grow perennial will thrive with little attention, though it does benefit from deadheading. Black-Eyed Susans will self-seed; try using them in mass plantings where this is beneficial.

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    23. 'Starship Deep Rose' Cardinal Flower

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 6-10 | Blooms Midsummer - Early Fall | Native Cultivar

    Easily one of the best Cardinal Flowers available, 'Starship Deep Rose' impresses with a refined, tight habit and gorgeous rose flowers. A very flexible native perennial, this plant can tolerate part shade and wet areas.

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    24. 'Stand By Me' Bush Clematis

    Full to Part Sun | Zones 3-7 | Blooms Late Spring - Midsummer

    A breakthrough herbaceous (non-vining) Clematis, 'Stand By Me' is the perennial to plant if you want something completely unique. This perennial requires some staking or supporting neighboring plants, but will repay your effort with a long season of interest. Blue, bell-shaped flowers have a long season of bloom and will give way to attractive white seed heads in late summer.

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