10 Perennials with Multi-Colored Flowers

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If you are looking to fill your garden with colorful plants, here is a list of 13 perennials with multi-colored flowers to help get you started.

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DECADENCE® DELUXE 'Pink Lemonade' Baptisia

(False Indigo) The first bicolor of the series! Soft yellow flowers age to dusty raspberry-purple. Charcoal stems accentuate the flower colors. Forms an incredibly full and bushy habit.

Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms Late Spring to Early Summer

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SIZZLE & SPICE® 'Curry Up' Coreopsis verticillata

(Threadleaf Coreopsis) Heat up your summer garden with SIZZLE & SPICE® Coreopsis, a new line of Threadleaf Coreopsis. Members of this collection have compact, rounded habits that are covered with flowers from early to late summer.

'Curry Up' has 1½” wide, golden yellow flowers with clear, dark red eyes and wide petals.

Full Sun | Zones: 5-9 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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FRUIT PUNCH® 'Black Cherry Frost' Dianthus

(Pinks) Improvement over ‘Black Cherry Wild': more consistent, formal flowers than its predecessor. 1¼”, rich, semi-double velvety red flowers have a fine, serrated, near white edge. Flower stems are strong, and are produced above the silver-blue foliage.

Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms in Early Summer

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'Paint the Town Fancy' Dianthus

'Paint the Town Fancy' produces 1", single, rosy fuchsia flowers with a red eye and serrated petals. Flowers completely cover the plant when it's in peak. Its glaucous blue foliage set it apart from other Dianthus of its type.

Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms in Early Summer

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'Safari Adventure' Eucomis

(Pineapple Lily) A tropical look that's hardy to zone 6. In early summer deep olive green, wide, strap-shaped leaves emerge. Foliage lightens in intensity when the flower scapes appear. Cream flowers age to deep rosy purple for a bicolor look. Late to emerge in spring.

Full to Part Sun | Zones: 5-9 | Blooms in Late Spring

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WEDDING PARTY® 'Confetti Cake' Helleborus

(Lenten Rose) 2½-3”, double white flowers with burgundy speckling focused at the center of the petals.

Full Sun to Full Shade | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms Early to Mid Spring

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RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'Lake of Fire' Hemerocallis

A stunning new color pattern for Proven Winners! The enormous 7" flower is apricot orange with an incredibly wide, orange red eye. Along the ruffled edge is a matching orange red picotee edge with a razor thin golden yellow margin. 'Lake of Fire' will set your garden ablaze in midsummer.

Full to Part Sun | Zones: 3-9 | Blooms in Midsummer

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FUN AND GAMES® 'Eye Spy' Heucherella

(Foamy Bells) Bubblegum pink flowers appear in spring and bloom without vernalization. In spring, large, dissected leaves emerge amber-yellow with deep rose centers that vein out to the edges of the leaves. Leaves mellow to bright chartreuse-green with a silver overlay.

Part Sun to Full Shade | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms Late Spring to Late Summer

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SUMMERIFIC® 'Spinderella' Hibiscus

Show this off in your late summer landscape with the wild new pinwheel pattern of 'Spinderella'. Large, 8" white flowers have medium pink accented edges and a dark red eye. Dark green leaves form a tidy, dense, and well-rounded habit that will fit perfectly as the centerpiece of your garden. The impeccable habit is a great improvement over other varieties of this flower type.

Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms Midsummer to Early Fall

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PYROMANIA™ 'Backdraft' Kniphofia

(Red Hot Poker) Very wide flower spikes bear intense reddish orange flowers that open peachy yellow.

Full Sun | Zones: 5b-9 | Blooms Early to Late Summer

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