7 Silver Leaved Perennials

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    If you are looking to fill your garden with silver leaved plants, here is a list of 7 perennials to help get you started.

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    'Silver Mound' Artemisia schimdtiana

    (Silver Mound Artemisia) Soft feathery leaves grow into compact, cushion-like mounds. Has multiple applications in the landscape including edging, rock gardens or containers.

    Full Sun | Zones: 3-7

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    'Crested Surf' Athyrium niponicum

    (Crested Japanese Painted Fern) We are proud to introduce the first perennial fern to the Proven Winners lineup. ‘Crested Surf' looks similar in color to a traditional Japanese Painted Fern, but the tips of the fronds are double crested. A vigorous, taller variety that can fit the middle of the border. Perfect for moist, shady areas of the garden.

    Part Sun to Full Shade | Zones: 3-8

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    'Jack of Diamonds' Brunnera macrophylla

    (Heartleaf Brunnera) A giant version of the classic ‘Jack Frost' - with a twist. Huge 9-10” leaves overlap at the base, appearing circular from a distance. The leaves have a heavy silver overlay with wide, dark green veining. Baby blue, forget-me-not type blossoms are held in clusters above the foliage. Superior leaf spot resistance.

    Part Sun to Full Shade | Zones: 3-8 | Blooms from Mid to Late Spring

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    FRUIT PUNCH® 'Maraschino' Dianthus

    (Pinks) Hot cherry red double flowers are 1¼-1½” wide and have a dark burgundy eye. The spiky clump of silver-blue foliage creates a stunning contrast with bright red flowers. Looks great all summer.

    Full to Part Sun | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms in Early Summer

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    DOLCE® 'Silver Gumdrop' Heuchera

    (Coral Bells) Unlike other silver Heucheras, ‘Silver Gumdrop' has vibrant pink flowers instead of the typical white. Silver, iridescent leaves and a semi-glossy finish. Leaves take on a rosy-blush overtone later in the season.

    Full Sun to Full Shade | Zones: 4-9 | Blooms in Midsummer

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    'Silver Mist' Lavandula angustifolia

    (English Lavender) The brightest silver foliage of any Lavender; ghostly whitish appearance from a distance. Forms a bushy, very well-branched, uniform clump of aromatic foliage. Lavender-purple flowers appear a bit later than typical Lavenders.

    Full Sun | Zones: 5-9 | Blooms Midsummer to Early Fall

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    'Pretty in Pink' Pulmonaria

    (Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage) Large, bright rose pink flowers are produced in large flower clusters over a low and wide habit. Dark green leaves are lightly to moderately speckled with silver. This plant will thrive in part to full shade with adequate moisture.

    Part to Full Shade | Zones: 3-9 | Blooms in Late Spring

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