Extreme Daylily Rebloomers

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    Just a very long list of reblooming daylilies. This mix of new as well as tried and true varieties will help to give your landscape color late into the season.

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    Hemerocallis 'Always Afternoon'

    Large, dusky rose flowers with a striking plum purple eye, green throat, and crimped petals are produced relatively early in the season and then again in late summer. Foliage stays nice all season. Grows well in the north and south.

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    Hemerocallis 'Apricot Sparkles' PP13223

    Everblooming dwarf selection with a sparkling diamond dusted, apricot complete self. Flawless form. Petals are edged with attractive ruffling; sepals are smooth. A heavy bloomer that starts very early and reblooms until frost.

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    Hemerocallis 'Baby Moon Cafe'

    Similar in appearance to the highly regarded ‘Custard Candy' but with a higher bud count on more well-branched scapes, fragrant blossoms, and perfect flower form. Creamy butter yellow, diamond dusted flowers with a narrow, wine-purple eye. Strong, vigorous grower.

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    Hemerocallis 'Big Time Happy'

    This reblooming daylily shares a similar canary yellow flower color to the popular ‘Happy Returns', but boasts 4in wide flowers, nearly an inch wider. Slightly ruffled petals open flat to display the rich yellow color.

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    Hemerocallis 'Black Eyed Susan'

    Rich yellow-orange tepals with a maroon eye and orange throat. Petals are lightly crimped, and have good substance. High bud count. Consistent rebloomer in northern regions.

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    Hemerocallis 'Blackthorne'

    One of the very best! Very light creamy yellow blossoms with a hint of peach display a prominent, wine purple eye and matching picotee edge half way up the petals. Chartreuse throat and ruffled petals. Reblooms here in Michigan.

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    Hemerocallis 'Blueberry Candy'

    A strong performer in the landscape; heavily budded scapes. Blooms in midsummer, and again later in the season. Fragrant, near-ivory blossoms with a dark purple eye and matching narrow picotee edge.

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    Hemerocallis 'Buttered Popcorn'

    One of our best reblooming, large flowered daylilies! Complete butter yellow self with a tiny green throat. Yellow stamens. Produces many blooms per scape.

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    Hemerocallis 'Daring Deception'

    This striking daylily stands out because of its fantastic contrast between the dusky cream-pink petals and prominent dark purple eye and green throat. Its broad petals have dark purple picotee, pie crust edges. A dependable rebloomer.

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    Hemerocallis 'Desert Flame'

    Large, flaming red-orange blossoms are ablaze in color twice per season. Beautifully ruffled flowers with a lime green throat are of excellent substance, produced on very strong, well-budded and branched scapes. Foliage stays nice all season.

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    Hemerocallis 'Early Snow'

    “Supremely beautiful and flawless” per daylily expert Arthur Kroll. Giant 7in, creamy ruffled flowers of incredible substance with a glowing yellow-green throat are presented atop sturdy, 4-5 way branched scapes.

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    Hemerocallis EARLYBIRD CARDINAL™

    The first red, very early, continuous blooming, hardy daylily. Ripe watermelon red blossoms with a pie crust edge and chartreuse throat appear for about 100 days in zone 6. Grows quickly into a robust, floriferous clump with multiple flower scapes per fan.

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    Hemerocallis 'Elegant Candy'

    A frequent rebloomer with tremendous fragrant blossoms. Medium pink flowers have a triangular red eye, yellow watermark, and green throat. Rounded, heavily ruffled petals. Well-branched, heavily budded scapes.

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    Hemerocallis 'Elegant Explosion'

    Sparkling orange-gold, ruffled blossoms are produced atop strong, branched scapes with 22+ buds apiece. Blooms in midsummer; rebloomer. Creates vibrant swatches of color in the landscape.

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    Hemerocallis 'Erin Lea'

    You'll be incredibly impressed by the cookie cutter perfect flower form and consistent rebloom of this daylily. Large, broad, golden yellow blossoms edged in frilly ruffles are borne on very strong, well-branched, heavily budded scapes.

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    Hemerocallis 'Exotic Candy'

    Fragrant, light pink flowers with a dark rose eye and bright green throat appear above a robust . Blooms in midsummer; rebloomer. Ruffled, rounded petals of excellent substance recurve to reveal the rounded flower form. Displays outstanding vigor; forms a robust clump with loads of buds.

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    Hemerocallis 'Garden Show'

    One of the best in its color class. Produces loads of large 6in, lavender mauve flowers with a prominent citron yellow throat. Highly fragrant selection. Compact, proportional habit with well-branched scapes.

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    Hemerocallis RAINBOW RHYTHM® 'Going Bananas' PP17164

    An improved ‘Happy Returns' with larger flowers and nearly continuous bloom right into early fall. Lemon yellow flowers open fully just above the foliage, typically 10-15 per scape. Not recommended for overwintering in containers.

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    Hemerocallis 'Happy Returns'

    This relatively short daylily produces small, canary yellow blossoms in waves from early summer to frost. Healthy green foliage. Heat tolerant. Of ‘Stella' parentage.

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    Hemerocallis 'Hyperion'

    Lemon yellow self with a tiny green throat. Trumpet flower form; when viewed from the side it has the shape of a lily. Sweetly fragrant. Very tall flower scapes. Cultivated for over 90 years!

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    Hemerocallis 'Inwood'

    Huge, peachy cream flowers with a contrasting plum purple eye and matching picotee edge on the petals. Yellow-green throat. Heavily budded scapes. Rebloomer.

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    Hemerocallis 'Joan Senior'

    This elegant creamy white daylily has ruffled, recurved petals, a pale yellow watermark, and yellow-green throat. It has an excellent bud count on well-branched scapes.

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    Hemerocallis 'Just Plum Happy' PP14841

    Ruffled, mauve pink blossoms have a prominent plum purple eye and matching picotee edge. Branched scapes carry 15-18 buds apiece and plants often rebloom more than once for an extended season of color in the garden.

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    Hemerocallis 'Magic Amethyst'

    51/2in, amethyst lavender flowers have a light lemon yellow throat with a soft and sweet fragrance. Each flower has a slightly deeper lavender purple halo. Thick scapes with three-way branching possess lots of buds.

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    Hemerocallis 'Midnight Raider'

    Tremendous performer; best in its color class. Thick, exceptionally well-budded scapes carry large, deep reddish purple flowers with a prominent citron yellow halo and green throat. Fragrant, ruffled, diamond dusted petals. Rebloomer.

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    Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me'

    This award winning miniature daylily produces cranberry red flowers with a narrow yellow watermark, bright green throat, and pie crust ruffled petals. Heavily budded scapes carry the blossoms from mid-July to mid-October here in Michigan.

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    Hemerocallis 'Passion for Red'

    An advancement in red daylily breeding. Very sunfast, extremely vibrant red flowers have a contrasting yellow eye/throat zone visible on all 6 tepals. Very large, fragrant blossoms are carried on thick, 3-4 way branched scapes atop vigorously growing plants.

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    Hemerocallis 'Passionate Returns' PP20002

    What Darrel Apps considers his best overall quality rebloomer to date. 4in, rosy red, ruffled flowers have perfect form. Branched scapes and lots of blooms. Blooms all summer and into fall.

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    Hemerocallis 'Pewter Pink'

    Choose this one for its strongly fragrant, huge, shimmering silvery pink flowers. Lightly ruffled, sculpted flowers are of excellent substance, opening wide and flat to display a radiant yellow-green throat. Thick, top branched scapes.

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    Hemerocallis 'Purple de Oro'

    Miniature daylily with medium purple flowers and a compact growth habit. Petals have narrow pie crust edges, dark purple veining, and paler purple midribs. Bright yellow throat. Blooms nearly all summer!

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    Hemerocallis 'Red Hot Returns' PP13499

    From Dr. Apps comes the first red, continuous blooming daylily. Cherry red blossoms have a bright yellow halo, apple green throat, and ruffled petals. Vigorous grower; produces several flower scapes per fan. Blooms all summer and into fall.

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    Hemerocallis 'Red Razzmatazz'

    Incredibly impressive selection with the best foliage of any red daylily we offer. Big, strong, vigorous plant with well-branched, heavily budded scapes. Clear fire engine red flowers with a yellow throat and pie crust ruffled tepals. Very sunfast for a red.

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    Hemerocallis 'Rosy Returns'

    From Dr. Darrel Apps comes the first hardy rose pink everblooming daylily. Rose pink with a deep rose eyezone and yellow throat. Blooms consistently from June to frost here in Michigan.

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    Hemerocallis 'Scottish Fantasy'

    An excellent grower with phenomenal lineage including ‘South Seas'. Large, fragrant, rose pink flowers with a sunny yellow watermark, lime green throat, and pie crust ruffled petals. Thick, branched, well-budded scapes. Incredibly heavy flowering.

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    Hemerocallis 'Siloam Peony Display'

    Produces an elegant display of large, consistently fully double, fragrant flowers with ruffled petals in midsummer; rebloomer. Peach, diamond dusted blossoms with a rose blush near the center.

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    Hemerocallis 'South Seas'

    Absolutely gorgeous! Uniquely colored flowers are coral-tangerine with a reddish-coral band and yellow throat. Smooth, rounded petals have beautifully ruffled edges. Vigorous grower with healthy foliage and tons of buds.

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    Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro'

    World's most popular daylily! Bright gold complete self with mild pie crust edging. Flowers profusely in early summer, followed by waves of bloom into early fall.

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    Hemerocallis 'Stella Supreme'

    A continous bloomer like ‘Stella de Oro', but differs in terms of flower color and flower shape. Lemon yellow flowers, similar in color to ‘Big Time Happy', but with a smaller flower size. Triangular-shaped flowers.

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    Hemerocallis 'Stephanie Returns' PP18538

    A short daylily with nearly continuous bloom. Unique bicolor light peachy pink blend. Ruffled petals with a narrow purple eye, radiant yellow throat, and deeper rose purple sepals. Named for Perennial Diva Stephanie Cohen.

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    Hemerocallis 'Strawberry Candy'

    Pink self with a bright raspberry red eye, orange-gold watermark, and green throat. Ruffled petals with red edges. Long blooming.

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    Hemerocallis 'Sunday Gloves'

    Near-white blossoms are highly fragrant with loosely ruffled tepals, a pale yellow eye, and tiny celery-green throat. Superior foliage and flower form. Very easy to grow. Blooms all summer.

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    Hemerocallis 'When My Sweetheart Returns' PP13480

    One of few truly everblooming daylilies; blooms for several months straight. Soft peachy yellow blossoms with a large, rose pink eye, lemon throat, and romantically ruffled petals are produced on short scapes. Produces several scapes per fan.

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    Hemerocallis 'Wineberry Candy'

    One of the longest blooming daylilies and one of the first to bloom. Fragrant, soft pinkish peach colored blossoms have a contrasting wine purple eye. Nicely branched scapes carry the flowers beginning in early summer.

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